Construction of a convent for the Congregation Filles de Notre-Dame du Sacré-Coeur in Mbandaka

Sep 28, 2016ACN Project of the Week – Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo   Housing for those who provide dignity Already one of the poorest and most underdeveloped countries in the world, the Democratic Republic of Congo has been thrown still further into destitution and chaos by the continuing violence and armed conflict throughout the country....

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A view across the Nineveh Plains in Al Qosh, The Kurdish Region of Iraq


  Iraq Is hope reborn? Montreal/Surrey, September 27, 2016  – If the town of Mosul is taken back from the hands of Daesh (ISIS), the event might pave the way for Christians of Iraq to return home to the Nineveh Plains, to their ancestral home. ...

ACN trip to Ukraine in June 2015

Sep 21, 2016Project of the Week: Ukraine

 A success story in Ukraine A successful renovation for the Brothers of St. Albert The Brothers of St Albert want to thank you for your help in renovating their monastery The Brothers of St. Albert in Zaporyzhya are delighted with their newly renovated house. Thanks...

Trip to Azerbaijan of ACN France in 2016

Sep 15, 2016Azerbaijan: A tiny community will be visited

 Azerbaijan  Pope Francis brings peace   Fourteen years after the visit of John Paul II, Azerbaijan is once again preparing for a pontifical visit. The pope will not only travel to the tiny Catholic community, but will also work towards peace in this long suffering...

Solar System for Devsarana Home for Elderly at Hali Ela

Sep 14, 2016Project of the Week in Sri Lanka

  Sri Lanka   Solar panels to help love radiate!   The diocese of Badulla lies in one of the poorest and most neglected regions on the island of Sri Lanka. Therefore the Church here is also very poor and, 45 years since it was...

Training aid to 118 students at the seminary in Stavropol for 2014-2015

Sep 7, 2016Project of the Week – Russia

Russia Ecumenical support for Orthodox seminarians   There are 183 young men at the Russian Orthodox seminary in Stavropol currently training for the priesthood. Aid to the Church in Need has for many years now maintained close contact  with this seminary and here too, as...

India, Calcutta, 1961
Accompanied by Mother Teresa, Father Werenfried visits poor and sick people during his trip to India.

Sep 1, 2016“The Bacon Priest” Father Werenfried recounts a trip to India and his meeting with Mother Teresa

“The Bacon Priest” Father Werenfried recounts a trip to India and his meeting with Mother Teresa   This text is an excerpt from the book ‘They call me the Bacon Priest’ first published in 1961.  In this book which has been republished many times, Father...

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Aug 31, 2016ACN Feature Story – the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands If the people cannot go to the Holy Door, The Holy Door will go to the people The diocese of Gizo on the Solomon Islands is celebrating the Jubilee in a very special way: with the pilgrimage of the mobile Holy Door  ...

April 2016 : an attack on Aleppo. (© epa/lusa zouhir al shimale)

Aug 30, 2016PRESS RELEASE – Syria – In emergency mode, more than ever

Syria In emergency mode, more than ever   Montréal/Königstein, August 30, 2016 – Aid to the Church in Need announces that it wishes to continue providing emergency aid in Syria and counts on raising over 2 million dollars in order to do so. This amount...

Project trip of  Magda Kaczmarek

Aug 29, 2016Feature Story – Bosnia: The impact of the Sister’s love in an orphanage

Bosnia “We are here for the children that need us.” When Katarina leafs through the photo albums from the last two decades with Sisters Admirata and Manda, her joy is tinged by melancholy. The photographs keep memories of Katarina’s happy childhood days alive. However, the...

A message of support from Pope Francis to Aid the Church in Need benefactors


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