Baptême d'un bébé par le père Avelino Bassols (2013).

Jul 27, 2016Project of the Week – Kenya

Kenya Emergency aid for victims of  severe flooding  The Turkana region of northwest Kenya has since time immemorial been home to nomadic or semi-nomadic peoples. Many of them have now become settled today, but the majority still find themselves forced by shortage of water  to...

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Photo souvenir: des jeunes d'Algérie participent à la JMJ à Madrid e n 2011.

Jul 27, 2016#LetsBeOne – A message from Poland to WYD

#LetsBeOne – A message from Poland to WYD Today we meet Michal from Poland, the host country. Michal who is active in the l’Arche community founded by Jean Vanier, will be attending the WYD. But he will be with his group of people, all living with...

Feature David Neuhaus

Jul 26, 2016#LetsBeOne – A message from Nazareth to WYD

#LetsBeOne – A message from Israel to WYD She lives in Nazareth where Jesus grew up.  Majida cannot go to the World Youth Days celebrations.  Not because she doesn’t have the money, but because she has chosen to serve the refugees who are stranded on...

Construction of an altar for the celebration of a Mass on the 500 centenary of the fundation of Camaguey city

Jul 25, 2016#LetsBeOne – A message from Cuba to WYD

#LetsBeOne – A message from Cuba to WYD Carlos from Cuba introduces us to his family and the importance this celebration holds for them.  As he cannot travel to the WDY in Krakow, the pastoral youth group he belongs to is organizing their very own...

En 2008, de jeunes soudanaises étaient à Sydney en Australie, grâce au soutient d'Aide à l'Église en Détresse.

Jul 24, 2016Messages from all over the world to WYD!

Aid to the Church in Need brings you messages from all over the world to WYD! World Youth Days 2016 will begin on this July 26, in Krakow, Poland. Aid to the Church in Need Canada would like to invite you to meet the many...


Jul 22, 2016ACN Press Release – ACN at the WYD!

Young Polish people awaiting the arrival of fellow pilgrims from around the world !  Aid to the Church in Need at the WYD in Krakow!  “The idea is to be with the suffering Church,” explains Canadian born Mark von Riedemann, now Director of Communications for Aid...

Louer Dieu fait aussi partie de la formation .

Jul 20, 2016Project of the Week – for Sisters in Guatemala

Guatemala A  house for the relious formation of Sisters  The Congregation of the Sisters of Martha and Mary was founded in 1979 in the diocese of Jalapa. In this very poor region of Guatemala, there is also a great shortage of priests, and the congregation...

New Attacks in Aleppo, SYRIA July 2016

Jul 19, 2016ACN Press: Syria – More bombings in Aleppo

Syria A “consternating” situation leaving Christians “exasperated” Aid to the Church in Need recently received information coming from its partners in Syria from the village of Aleppo.  For many days, the inhabitants have suffered through many more bombings.   “Aleppo has known a veritable war for the...

ACN Communications Trip Middle East May 2016

Jul 14, 2016Our Project of the Week – in Homs, Syria

Syria Help to rebuild the cathedral of Homs The Melkite Catholic Cathedral of Homs is dedicated to Our Lady of Peace. However, over the course of Syria‘s bloody civil war, it has suffered the same fate as more than 200 other Christian churches and been extensively...

Santuary dedicated to Our Lady in the mountains

Jul 13, 2016Press Release – Activities Report 2015

Activities Report 2015 – Aid to the Church in Need A record year in a world in crisis  It is a new record year for the international Catholic organization Aid to the Church in Need (ACN).  In fact, thanks to 22 national offices established around the...

A message of support from Pope Francis to Aid the Church in Need benefactors


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