Some of the futur priests who receives help from Aid to the Church in Need.


Colombia Help for the training of Cúcuta future priests The diocese of Cúcuta lies in the far north-east of Colombia bordering Venezuela. This year there is special reason for celebration, as the local diocesan seminary is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The rector of the seminary, Father José...

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Aug 18, 2016LetsbeOne: ACN and WYD

“Let’s be One” Campaign 3,000 postcards for the young people of the Church in need   The international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) is taking stock of its campaign “Let’s be One,” launched at the World Youth Day in Cracow from...

Completion of the parish church at St Peter Chechelesi Catholic Mission, Isiolo


Kenya A new church in a missionary parish   The missionary parish of St. Charles Lwanga lies within the apostolic vicariate of Isiolo, in north-east Kenya. The area is majority Muslim and Catholics make up a minority of only 5% or so of the population....

Reconstruction of the catechist's house in St Rita's church Badarawa (destroyed by a suicide Bomber on October 28, 2012)

Aug 16, 2016An ACN Feature Interview – Nigeria

Nigeria Boko Haram contained, Islamic aggression takes different form   Nigeria, located in the eastern part of the country’s so-called “Middle Belt.” The population of 2.3M is about equally divided between Muslims and Christians, 450,000 of whom are Catholic, with 10 percent of the people...

Statut détruite par des bombardements : presqu'un symbole du génocide en cours en Syrie et en Irak envers les minorités religieuses, dont les chrétiens.

Aug 12, 2016ACN Interview – Aleppo: the dark city

ACN Interview Aleppo: the dark city Father Ziad Hilal, a Jesuit priest who has been helping the victims of the war in Syria for a very long time now, once in Homs and now in Aleppo, recently spoke with Catholic charity Aid to the Church...

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Aug 11, 2016Feature Story – An Appeal from Aleppo the Carmelites

Syria AN APPEAL FROM ALEPPO – FROM THE CARMELITE NUNS   “The situation is a complicated one, and we are hearing many contradictory stories. The only truth we do know is that the people here are suffering and dying.” The words are those of Sister...

Project trip of Fr. Dr. Andrzej Halemba and Felix Lungu

Aug 10, 2016ACN Project of the Week – Phillipines

PROJECT OF THE WEEK Philippines Training of lay pastoral workers in the marriage and family apostolate Zamboanga is the capital of the peninsula region and archdiocese bearing the same name and is found on the island of Mindanao. The archdiocese serves a population of some...

Apprendre en s'amusant: essentiel en catéchèse.

Aug 3, 2016ACN Project of the Week – Russia

PROJECT OF THE WEEK   Russia Church Camp for the Holidays! Again this year, 50 young people from the Armenian Catholic community of Venyov went to Catholic summer camp. Kids aged from 9 to 17 were spent a week with friends in a lovely spot...

Baptême d'un bébé par le père Avelino Bassols (2013).

Jul 27, 2016ACN Project of the Week – Kenya

Kenya Emergency aid for victims of  severe flooding  The Turkana region of northwest Kenya has since time immemorial been home to nomadic or semi-nomadic peoples. Many of them have now become settled today, but the majority still find themselves forced by shortage of water  to...

Photo souvenir: des jeunes d'Algérie participent à la JMJ à Madrid e n 2011.

Jul 27, 2016#LetsBeOne – A message from Poland to WYD

#LetsBeOne – A message from Poland to WYD Today we meet Michal from Poland, the host country. Michal who is active in the l’Arche community founded by Jean Vanier, will be attending the WYD. But he will be with his group of people, all living with...

A message of support from Pope Francis to Aid the Church in Need benefactors


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